Buy the best Cat litter box

Goodbye to odor – what to consider when choosing a litter box

Every cat needs a litter box, because cats are very clean animals. And with several cats in the household should always be purchased a litter box more than cats live in the household.

This is what to consider when choosing a litter box
Every cat owner dreams of a self-cleaning litter box. What options are available and what to consider, we explain here today.

What are the cat litter boxes?

The choice is wide, because it is important that the cat likes to visit the litter box and do their business in it. In stores you can find open and closed models, litter boxes with a high edge, self-cleaning models or a litter box with a sieve. The simplest version of a litter box is a plastic tub with a low rim. But if the cat scratches very extensively, a litter box with a high rim is more suitable. Still other cats prefer a closed litter box to do their business in silence and seclusion. With a closed litter box, the smell does not spread so quickly in the apartment and a litter box self-cleaning increases the comfort for the cat owner. For the cat it makes no difference. There is a plausible theory that the more walls surround the litter box, the more relaxed it is for the cat to do its business. Because this way, no enemy can sneak up from behind during this time. Make sure that the litter box has enough space, because if the litter box is too small, the cat will unintentionally relieve itself over the edge of the litter box and you will have more work.

Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Petsafe carries an open, closed, round or square self-cleaning litter box. For the self-cleaning feature, a rake is automatically activated 20 minutes after the cat goes to the bathroom, sweeping the cat’s business into a waste chute. You need the special Petsafe cat litter for the litter box, which binds moisture and odors. After four weeks, the complete cat litter tray is disposed of. The litter box must be plugged into an electrical outlet for the self-cleaning function to work. The built-in sensor technology prevents the cat from just sitting on the toilet when the rake becomes active. Another self-cleaning litter box is available from Petkit. This self-cleaning litter box, unlike the Petsafe litter box, is compatible with vegetable, mixed and Betonite clay cat litter (clumping litter). There are also multiple sensors for cat safety and it is possible to control the litter box via an app. A spray function with a deodorizer mitigates odor. The self-cleaning litter boxes of other manufacturers work similarly: a rake right the leftovers into a waste container and odors are bound. Each self-cleaning litter box needs a power supply or must be charged using USB.

Buy a cat litter box with lid

The cat litter box with a lid has the advantage that the odors do not spread as quickly as in an open cat litter box. There are litter boxes with lids on top and litter boxes with hoods and swinging doors. Litter boxes with lids on top are especially suitable for cats who like to scratch in the cat litter or urinate while standing. Holes in the exit of the litter box with hood ensure that the cat litter is not distributed in the apartment. The lid is removable for cleaning the litter box. A litter box with a hood, on the other hand, is also suitable for cats that urinate backwards and also scratch in the cat litter. The hood prevents the litter from falling out. A swinging door with an activated carbon filter is integrated into the hood. So odors do not penetrate to the outside. The hood and the bottom tray are connected by click fasteners. When using a litter box with hood, some cats feel unobserved. Other cats, however, prefer to use a litter box without a hood, a bowl litter box. A litter box with a lid is a little more difficult to clean. For this purpose, the hood must be removed. Easier access is provided by litter boxes with a pull-out base.

Shapely: buy a litter box in the closet

Who wants to place the litter box invisible, should choose a litter box in the cabinet. The litter box cabinet has an entrance like a cat den. Inside there is enough space to put an open litter box/bowl or a litter box with a hood. The advantage: the cat can do its business unobserved and the cat litter remains in the cabinet. A litter box in the cabinet is visually no different from a normal piece of furniture, especially if the entrance opening is on the side. In stores you can find cabinets with white decor, with wooden decor, as a bathroom cabinet or sideboard, or in a cute cat design with printed cat head and paw prints. Since cats like to hide, cats will gladly accept the litter box in the cabinet. When buying, make sure that the toilet cabinet for cats can be wiped out with a damp cloth.

Buy a large cat litter box: The XXL Cat Litter Box

For large cats, the purchase of an XXL cat toilet with a lid or without a lid is worthwhile. In contrast to a normal cat toilet 54x45x21 cm, an XXL cat toilet is, for example, 67.5×48.5×28 cm. An advantage is an inwardly curved edge, so that the cat litter is not carried out. If the rear part of the bowl is higher than the front part, the litter remains in the toilet when scratching. The door opening is 25/35 x 27 cm to fit the size of the cats. Whether your Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest Cat prefers a litter box with or without a lid, you will have to explore for yourself.

Which litter box is the best?

That depends entirely on what your cat’s preferences are. The Catit litter box with lid receives many positive reviews from buyers. The litter box is a good size and is great for cleaning thanks to the large access door. The Iris cat litter box with high rim for standing pee also receives many good reviews. The litter box is suitable for medium-sized cats. The rim is removable for cleaning. Another best litter box that many cat owners choose is the Curver litter box. Its rattan-look hood looks stylish. A scraper grid to hang on is to prevent cat litter from being carried outside. The fourth best litter box is the Trixie 40341 with hood. It is suitable for large cats and can also be discreetly hidden in a toilet cabinet. The delivery accessories include a scoop, which can be attached in the lid to save space. Due to the sturdy plastic, the cat litter box can be used with or without a flap.

A litter box with strainer

What is the purpose of the strainer in the litter box? The integrated sieve allows you to sift out the cat’s droppings and save cat litter. Clean cat litter falls through the sieve. The dirty litter remains on the sieve insert. Sifting works best with clumping litter or wood litter. According to users, the best results are with wood pellets. Intact pellets are too large to fall through the sieve. Contaminated pellets crumble and fall through the sieve or through the sieve’s fins. However, unsuitable litter can also cause the sieve to become clogged or stuck, which then increases the amount of cleaning required for the litter box. Is a litter box with a sieve useful? Yes, most users confirm this. Older cat owners complain that you have to bend down longer when cleaning.

How often do you need to clean the litter box?

A clean litter box does not stink. Therefore, a litter box should be cleaned several times a day so that the cat always finds a clean litter box. But at least once or twice a day, and if several cats use the litter box, then even more often. The quickest way to remove soiled clumping litter is with a lattice scoop. Other cat litter is best removed with a closed scoop. To keep the litter box from stinking, it should be completely cleaned once or twice a week. This involves removing the cat litter completely and cleaning the litter box with hot water and a household cleaner. Vinegar essence with warm water in dilution 1/3 vinegar and 2/3 water is also suitable. Do not use strong-smelling cleaning products. The scent may discourage the cat from using the toilet. Scrub the litter box with a brush if necessary and fill the litter box with new cat litter after it dries. The complete cat litter should be replaced at least every 14 days. There are differences here between clumping and non-clumping litter. You renew clumping litter completely after two to four weeks. Non-clumping cat litter you renew weekly. Buy a new litter box when urine scale won’t come off even with vigorous scrubbing.

Where do I put the litter box?

The litter box is placed in a quiet place so that the cat does not feel disturbed. Food bowl and drinking bowl or the sleeping place do not belong in the immediate vicinity of the litter box. The bedroom is also not suitable. On the one hand because of the loud scratching of the cat in the litter and on the other hand because of the smell.

Important litter box accessories that you can not do without is:

  • Litter scoops
  • Litter mats
  • Cat litter
  • Deodorizer or odor eliminator
  • Hygiene bags to dispose of the cat litter