Buy the right cat carrier

When a vet appointment or a trip is coming up, the cat can’t just stay at home. Cats are best transported on the road in a lockable cat-proof carrier so they can’t escape. Mostly the cats resist violently when they are to be put into a cat carrier. This means total loss of control for the velvet paws and is anything but popular. Therefore, it is important that you select a cat carrier for cats according to the preferences of the cat and accustom the cat early to the cat carrier to keep the stress for the house tiger within limits.

Buy the right cat carrier
To transport a cat in the car, you need a sturdy cat carrier, which is fixed in the vehicle. The cat carrier should not be too small. It is much more difficult to lure the cat into the cat carrier. Here helps only the timely habituation to the box.

Choosing the right cat carrier

Under no circumstances should the cat carrier be too small for the cat. This means that large cat breeds need a larger cat carrier than small cat breeds. Likewise, an XXL cat carrier for small cats becomes accident risk. So how big should the cat carrier be? The cat big or small should be able to stand, lie down and turn around in the cat carrier without hitting the walls of the box. This already takes away a lot of stress from the cat and for a large cat you can already buy a cat carrier for small dogs, so that the cat has enough space. In addition to the size of the cat carrier cat, the weight is crucial, because you will also have to carry the cat carrier including the cat. The cat carrier must be able to be covered, so that the cat calms down if necessary. Therefore, there must also be ventilation possibilities in the lower part of the box. Not all cat carrieres are suitable for taking along in the airplane and it is also important whether the box can be fastened in the car. For more safety, the cat carrier should not simply be placed on the back seat, but secured with a belt or placed on the floor behind the passenger seat. Alternatively, the passenger can hold the cat carrier on their lap.

What are the types of a cat carrier for a cat?

In stores you can find hard boxes and foldable cat carrieres. The latter have the advantage that they can be folded when not needed. If you want to offer the cat something special, then make sure that the cat can see out of the box. Some cat carrieres are equipped with a collection container for urine. This is especially useful on longer journeys. If the cat is going to travel by air, it must be able to stand upright in the carrier and the carrier must also fit under the seat. It is helpful to find out in advance from the airline what size the cat carrier for the plane of the respective airline must have, so that there are no problems at check in. Ask if the cat is allowed to travel in the cabin as hand luggage.

  • Who is looking for a cat carrier made of wood, is directed to a transport basket made of willow. The cat transport basket made of woven willow is a classic transport container for cats. At the same time, the transport basket is a cozy cat cave, which can be opened and closed with a lattice door in the front, not on top. Make sure that the lattice can be fixed in front of the entrance at the top, side and bottom. Some cats manage to squeeze through the slot and escape from the cat carrier when it is only attached to the side. If the cat transport basket made of willow is otherwise used as a cat cave in the apartment, the cat is less afraid during transport because it associates pleasant experiences with the basket. The wicker basket is very sturdy and durable. It makes sense to line the transport basket with a waterproof pad, so that the mesh is not soaked with cat urine.
  • cat carrieres for cats made of plastic convince with their light weight and easy handling. The hard material provides the cat with the greatest possible safety, since the cat carrier cat does not give way when loaded from above and the sides. Some designs can be opened from several sides: open at the top, two doors, removable lid. Plastic is excellent to keep hygienically clean. Even the treatment with a disinfectant makes plastic nothing out.
  • Transport bags made of nylon and textile are very handy, lightweight and comfortable for the cat. As a carrier bag or with a shoulder strap, carrier bags are especially suitable for visits to the vet and short trips. Only for heavy cats carrying in a carrier bag is uncomfortable because the bottom is not stable. A good quality carrier bag for cats can be opened several times and has gauze inserts so that the cat can see outside. The inside of a carrier bag should be removable and washable. With a luxury carrier bag is possible to expand the interior by opening the flaps in the front and back and sides. The transport bag is also suitable for the aircraft cabin.

Buy the best cat carrier bag

Cat carrier or bag?

A bag is usually not as bulky as a cat carrier. It is also more convenient to handle. However, a bag is not as sturdy as a wicker or plastic cat carrier. Bags are mainly suitable for a short stay. If a doctor’s visit or a long car ride is pending, the recommendation goes to a cat carrier, because it can also be locked with a lock. A cat carrier can be secured in the car with the belt and the cat carrier is escape-proof. The disadvantage of a cat carrier is that the plastic acts as a sound box and the cat could be scared away by loud noises. In cheap carrying bags, the mesh fabric is often inferior, so that this quickly tears and cats also manage to open any zippers. Some cat carrier bags cheap are not sturdy, so that the bag collapses over the cat and tabs for fastening with the car belt are missing. Look for sturdy nylon in a carrier bag, zippers with extra carabiners for attachment, a powder-coated steel frame and loops to secure the carrier in the car. The interior should be waterproof in case a mishap does occur.

A cat carrier for the bike must necessarily be escape-proof. For use is a wicker basket with a grid, which is hung on the handlebars. Thus, you always have the cat in view during transport by bicycle and can calm the cat in case of panic by stroking or her voice. The grid stretches like a dome over the cat basket. Due to the many sensory impressions from the outside, sensitive cats easily feel overwhelmed. A wicker basket with canopy square is suitable for transport on the carrier. Measure beforehand how big the luggage carrier is.

The cat backpack for transporting the cat by bike is still relatively new and with a viewing window to suit the needs of the cat. It has several ways to open: on the sides, front, top. When buying, make sure that the walls are sturdy, so that the backpack does not collapse. The advantage: you have your hands free and can fully concentrate on the traffic. The cat is well protected during the ride.

Who needs to transport his cat more often by bicycle, can purchase a bicycle trailer for cats or dogs. In a bicycle trailer for cats you have to invest more money than for a transport basket or a backpack for the cat. The better the suspension of the trailer, the more comfortable the ride will be for the cat. Gauze inserts provide ventilation and inserts with clear plastic allow the cat to see outside. The canopy should be weatherproof. Before buying, check how the trailer is attached to the bike. Conceivable are an attachment to the rear axle or underneath the saddle. Foldable bicycle trailers cats are easy to store.

Buy the best cat carrier backpack

Getting cat used to cat carrier

Getting the cat into a cat carrier is a chapter in itself, the cats mainly feel restricted in the cat carrier and do not understand that the cat carrier cat only serves their safety. The trick: Get the cat used to the cat carrier early. Place the open cat carrier in rooms so that the cat carrier becomes an everyday object. Curious cats will soon inspect the box. You can also lure your cat into the box with food or favorite toy. Be sure to leave the mesh door open when doing this. The goal is to associate the cat carrier with positive memories in the cat’s mind. If the cat has to go to the vet spontaneously without overcoming its fear of the cat carrier, two people are needed. One person holds the cat, the other person places the opened cat carrier in front of the cat. In this case, the cats dare to escape forward into the cat carrier.

Transporting a cat without a cat carrier

How do I get a cat into the cat carrier? If the cat won’t go into the cat carrier, a sports bag with a solid bottom might be an alternative. Put a familiar blanket and some toys inside to help the cat calm down in the cat carrier. The cat does not want to go into the cat carrier: Another option is the harness in combination with a leash. This usually requires lots of training beforehand, because most cats do not accept a harness at first. Especially bringing an older cat to the vet without a cat carrier goes quite well with a cat basket. However, you need to be sure that the cat will not jump out even in an environment that is unfamiliar to it.

Lure cat into cat carrier

Catnip or lavender are suitable for this purpose. Both give off a scent that cats can’t resist. Another lure is a snack or toy. For particularly anxious cats, place the food dish in the carrier. The cat is still afraid of the cat carrier? Equip the inside cuddly with a blanket and a pillow, so that the cat carrier acts like a cave. Without reason, the cat should never be locked in the cat carrier overnight. The escape route is cut off by the mesh door. This is pure stress for the cat. It is different if the cat sleeps overnight in the cat carrier with the door open. How to get a shy cat into the cat carrier? Very timid cats will benefit from the cat carrier with a flap at the top. Lift the cat up and place the cat in the box from the top.

Cat screaming in cat carrier

When cats scream in the cat carrier, they are in a panic. The cat is panicked about the cat carrier, no boredom, whether driving or at the vet. Be sure to calm the cat down. Perhaps by putting a cloth over the box, so that the cat sees nothing in the darkened box. If the cat doesn’t want to calm down, valerian, available as drops, sprays, or hidden in toys, can help.

Buy the best cat carrier purse

Cat carrier Test

A test of Stiftung Warentest and a test winner Stiftung Warentest to a cat carrier is currently not yet available. Available, however, is a test of Auto Bild according to ISO 9001 TÜV-tested.

  • Comparison winner is therein the good cat carrier PDC50H from Feandrea made of fabric for about $50. The carrying handle is also made of fabric and the dimensions are 50x35x35 cm. The carrying case with a lid on top facilitates packing the cat and an opening at the front. The zippers have a safety mechanism and there are additional pockets integrated for storage. The bottom of the carrier bag cat is softly padded and the transport bag cat is completely foldable.
  • The price-performance winner is the foldable cat carrier cheap made of fabric from Morpilot for just under $40. The carrying handle of the carrier bag is made of leather. Also here there is a lid on top, an opening at the front. And the zippers have a safety mechanism. An added bonus is the foldable drinking bowl, removable shoulder strap and storage space for utensils. The cat carrier measures 46x31x35.5 cm.
  • The bestseller when buying a cat carrier in the test report is the Amazon Basic cat carrier for pets made of plastic with the dimensions 57.99x14x96x32.99 cm. Side locking latches allow the upper part and lower part to be stacked on top of each other to save space. On the front side there is a grid. The handle for carrying is made of plastic. The advantages of this cat carrier in the test are the stable material and excellent ventilation. There is no fabric insert as in the previous cat carrieres in the test. But you can put a familiar blanket or catnip in the box, so that the cat feels comfortable in it faster.