Buy the best Cat Tower

A cat tower is an alternative to the scratching post. It takes up less space and its shape makes it more compact and stable. If there is no space for the cat tower, the scratching bin can provide the cat with opportunities to scratch, hide and sleep without the furniture suffering. Climbing opportunities are available, but not as extensively as on a cat tower. On the other hand, the cat tower is easier to transport and can be placed in another room, depending on your choice. However, if the cat loves to climb, the cat tower can only be an alternative to the cat tower with its many climbing possibilities.

Buy the best Cat Tower
A cat tower can provide the cat with opportunities for scratching, hiding and sleeping. Due to its shape, the cat tower is usually more compact and stable, but severely limits the climbing possibilities. Therefore, the cat tower is usually only a supplement for a cat tower.

Buy a cat tower: The equipment

Scratching garbage cans are made of hardboard wrapped with sisal, wooden boards, birch wood or a solid wood log. A scratching barrel or cat barrel is always hollow inside, because caves for hiding or sleeping are incorporated into the barrels. Sometimes the caves are interconnected, so that the cat can get inside quite hidden from the bottom to the top. The edge of the cave is usually padded with plush. And also the caves are lined with woven fabric or plush for extra coziness. In front of the plush cave can be a toy, with which cat can pass the time in the cave. On top of the cat tower is a viewing area with or without an edge, which is often used for sleeping. Often the sleeping place is removable. All cushion covers are washable. The rest of the cat tower is cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.

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How big is a cat tower?

Scratching bin can be found from size S for small cats to size XXL for large cats, which of course need larger sleeping areas and larger dens to hide in. A scratching garbage can for large cats has a height of 120 cm. Even higher scratching garbage can you will rarely find. Usually cat tower have a height of 50 cm to 100 cm. The diameter is around 40 cm. When buying a scratching garbage can, make sure that the scratching surface is high enough for your cat when it stretches. For kittens, an entry-level model is suitable as a scratching garbage can. Low scratching garbage cans are crash-proof and still provide a retreat for the cat.

What material for the cat tower?

You can’t make a blanket statement about that. Cardboard wrapped with sisal can look just as decorative as a wooden trunk with natural grain and an area of scratching board. Sisal adds a Mediterranean charm to the room with the cat tower, so the whole interior benefits from it. Sisal looks very high quality and is multifunctional for cats, because sisal not only gives an excellent scratching surface, but is great for climbing. Cardboard cat towers are also often supplemented with sturdy wooden boards as lying surfaces and base plates, so that they appear more stable. Cats love the cat boards on which they can sharpen their claws. You’ll have to decide for yourself what best suits your living room. A cat tower does not necessarily have to be round. Square variants like the Daisy scratching garbage can are available under the name scratching tower. Another material for the cat garbage can is rattan. The elastic plant fiber can be formed into any shape and is also robust and resilient. A scratching garbage can made of rattan has a rural flair and costs quite a bit more because of the handmade production. As a cat tower for outdoor use, weatherproof polyrattan comes into question. Water hyacinth is a weave made from water plants. It is particularly suitable for baskets and sleeping places, less as a scratching surface.

Buy a cat tower: The choice

Select a cat garbage can cat tower not only by design, but also by weight. The heavier the scratching garbage can is, the more stable it is. A stable model weighs up to 30 kg, depending on its size. This is especially important when large cats and heavy cats take possession of the scratching garbage can. A scratching garbage can for large cats should have a tare weight of at least 10 kg. Extra-large scratching bins from Rinderohr weigh up to 18 kg.
The higher a scratching garbage can is, the more caves are available. Large cat garbage cans have up to five caves. A small scratching bucket has at least one cave. The more caves, the more fun, is the simple formula to buy a scratching garbage can.

Getting cat used to scratching bin

Cats are curious. Once the cat tower is in place, the cat won’t be long in inspecting the new piece of furniture for scratching. Lure the cat to the scratching garbage can with attractants such as catnip or valerian if you have an anxious cat. A cleverly placed favorite toy is also an enticement to explore the cat tower in play.

Alternatives to the cat tower

The cat tower is as round as the scratching garbage can. It is made of hardboard. The bottom plate is made of wooden cardboard and plush. Expensive cat towers have a trunk made of wood. However, the diameter is smaller, so a cat tower is exceedingly space-saving. Toys can be attached to a cat tower despite the spartan equipment. It can hang down from the cat tower. cat towers have a height of about 60 cm to ceiling high. Buy a cat tower at least high enough for the cat to stretch out extensively on it. At a cat tower ceiling-high is often attached to a platform halfway up. Cats use this space to rest and sleep. For large cats, cat towers have a larger diameter. An alternative where cats can sharpen their claws is scratching board. Cat furniture made of scratching board consists of several layers of cardboard pressed into wavy or curved shapes. The outer layer is wrapped with sisal, which has already proven its worth in cat towers, scratching garbage cans and scratching columns. A scratching cardboard is placed on the floor. Cat furniture made of scratching cardboard quickly integrate cats into their possession. On it it can be wonderfully slumber, sleep and of course sharpen the claws. In the process, the typical scratching noise is created.

Which is the best cat tower?

At the manufacturer Natural Paradise you can find a scratching garbage can XXL with lying surfaces made of real wood chipboard from sustainable forestry and sisal carpet. The inner walls of the caves are made of artificial felt. In addition to round scratching garbage cans for scratching, the manufacturer also carries square scratching garbage cans and with the scratching garbage can Lily an open model in wood slat look. Natural Paradies scratching garbage cans are shipped almost completely assembled. Only the base plate with the rubber feet must still be mounted. A Diogenes scratching garbage can is available from XL to S, also with diagonal entry into the burrows. As Diogenes scratching garbage can gray, Diogenes scratching garbage can beige, a scratching garbage can from the manufacturer is always favorable. Trixie scratching garbage cans are considered particularly durable. Top seller is the Cat Tower Jorge Home Sweet Home and the Trixie cat tower / scratching garbage can Juana.