Does vegan diet harm a cat?

The global consumption of pet food is huge and continues to rise. For example, according to one estimate, the global pet population in 2018 included around 373 million cats as well as 471 million dogs, which is also driving extensive development of new pet food products or pet snacks. These include, for example, diets based … Read more

What to do if my cat is breathing heavily?

Cats breathe faster during exertion, dehydration, fever and heat. But a disease can also be behind the heavy breathing. Keep calm and observe your cat closely. Are the eating and drinking behavior different than usual? Does it shy away from touching because of pain? The close observation of the accompanying symptoms can be helpful for … Read more

Feeding cats with barfing species appropriate

As an opposite to the ready-made food for cats, more and more cat owners inform themselves about the new trend Barfen. The term Barfen means bone and raw food (biological and species-appropriate eating) for cats: Fresh meat, offal, bones and supplements self-assembled. BARF simply explained In contrast to cooked canned food, only raw meat goes … Read more

The pregnant cat

If you want kittens, you have a good chance of success if the cat has mated during its heat. Cats are very fertile and they usually give birth to three to six, even seven kittens two to three times a year. The fertile phase of a cat begins at the age of six months to … Read more

Poisonous plants for cats

If a cat moves in with you, it is not only necessary to purchase suitable equipment for the cat such as cat food, cat toys, a litter box, a sleeping basket and a scratching post. No, you need to make your entire home suitable for cats. This starts with securing open and tilted windows and … Read more

My cat is throwing up

Cat vomiting can have different colors depending on the cause. It depends primarily on what the cat ate and with what coloring. Often it is not the food you gave that is being vomited. You often can’t tell exactly what the cat is missing based on the color of the vomit. However, there are some … Read more