Buy the right Wicker Cat Bed

A wicker cat bed is bought next to a cat tree only when its predecessor is broken or when a new cat moves in. This is perhaps due to the sturdy make of a wicker cat bed, which is often purchased to match the decor of the home. But a wicker cat bed is not just decoration.

Buy the right Wicker Cat Bed
The walls pulled up in height give the cat a sense of security in a wicker cat bed. If this is made of wicker, this cat lounger should be very durable. Other wicker cat beds are made of fabric, felt or other soft materials. Some wicker cat beds are equipped with an additional grid, so that the wicker cat bed can also be used as a cat carrier. Advantage: the cat knows and loves its basket.

At the same time, a woven wicker cat bed can be used as a transport box for the cat. The advantage. The cat already knows the wicker cat bed, maybe even uses it as a sleeping cave and gets less stressed during transport to the vet. A wicker cat bed is therefore multifunctional. Its appearance also differs from round and oval to two-story, with and without carrying handle. Some wicker cat beds are a cat cave, others have only a resting surface.

What characterizes a wicker cat bed?

These are the walls raised in height, which give the cat a sense of security. She can lean against them in a relaxed manner when resting. For deep sleep, the wicker cat bed allows a curled position which is more comfortable for cats than the straight position in a cat bed.

What materials for the cat bed?

As materials for a wicker cat bed are used willow, water hyacinth but also felt. Willow baskets and rattan baskets are woven by hand. This explains the higher price of a wicker cat bed made of willow. The natural product is unique every time. Just like wicker, a wicker made of water hyacinth is a real eye-catcher in the home. It looks finer than the wicker, can be shaped more differentiated and it is suitable for cats to sharpen their claws on it. The same applies to a wicker cat bed made of banana leaf or sea grass. Especially if several cats live in the house, a wicker cat bed with different lying surfaces, a so-called cat cobotower, is suitable. The previously mentioned natural materials support the healthy sleep of the cat, because they promote air exchange. Of course, the cat needs a soft cat pillow in the wicker cat bed to be comfortable. A wicker cat bed can have a mesh door as a closure, but it doesn’t have to. In some cases, the lattice door is removable. Lattice wicker cat beds do not have a lounging roof, but have a transport handle on the top.

A felt wicker cat bed is inherently soft. Cats prefer this cuddly material that can also be shaped into a variety of shapes. A metal ring keeps the entrance to the wicker cat bed made of felt open, that thus acts like a cat cave. A wicker cat bed made of felt is always decorative and an eye-catcher in the living room. Felt, like the Zellner wicker cat bed shark, is odorless and is well accepted by cats. The material has a temperature-balancing and antibacterial effect and is easy to clean, because hair is simply vacuumed with a vacuum cleaner. The same applies to a wicker cat bed made of plush. Its filling is made of foam, it has a non-slip bottom and a reversible cushion.

A wicker cat bed woven oval or round is usually made of water hyacinth. Occasionally, textile fibers of cotton /microfiber are woven. The material is woven around a metal frame. For older cats, the entry can be kept flat. Expect that the shape is different from a wicker cat bed willow slightly deformed when the cat lies in it.

How big should a wicker cat bed be?

A wicker cat bed of around 50 x 40 x 45 cm is one of the larger ones. A small wicker cat bed is around 33 x 33 x 33 cm. For large cats, such a cat cave is too small. If the wicker cat bed is to be used only as a cat bed, a lying surface with a length of 50 cm to 80 cm is recommended.

Considerations: Buying the optimal wicker cat bed

A wicker cat bed should be sturdy, because cats like to sharpen their claws on it. When buying a wicker cat bed made of willow, make sure that the weave is carefully crafted so that the cat does not injure itself on the protruding willow branches. The wicker cat bed should be easy to clean. Wicker baskets can be rinsed with water, textile baskets should be washable. Rattan can be brushed off for cleaning. Unlike wicker, rattan is not suitable for a place next to the heater. It dries out too easily and then becomes brittle. While an open wicker cat bed is used only as a place to lie down, a closed wicker cat bed is also a transport box. wicker cat beds made of felt are less stable and are not suitable as a cat transport box.

wicker cat bed Test

There is no wicker cat bed test from Stiftung Warentest yet. However, cat owners advise mainly a wicker cat bed made of wicker with a cushion and lockable grid. Some customers have made the experience with the simultaneous use as Transsportbox to the vet, that cats then avoid the wicker cat bed with lattice. This can be remedied if the wicker cat bed transport box is also used for other trips. Cats learn so to link the wicker cat bed with lattice with pleasant experiences.

A flat cuddle basket woven with handles and soft cushion will quickly become the favorite place of cats. For an attractive shape, the weave used is a braided material mix of cotton, polyester and viscose. Such a wicker cat bed is suitable only for hand washing, so that it retains its shape. For outdoor use, a wicker cat bed made of fabric is less suitable.

A wicker cat bed with a reclining roof lands in third place in the test. With two reclining surfaces, the purchase of a second wicker cat bed is saved. However, it may happen that two cats fight over the best lying place. For a safe stand manually with some manual skill still feet are mounted to the wicker cat bed.

Also a wicker cat bed for heating occurred in the wicker cat bed test. Here the form varies from the cave, roll to the couch. With two holders, the wicker cat bed is attached to the heater. As a wicker cat bed outdoor plastic is best suited. Moisture and temperature differences can not harm the material. It is very stable and easy to clean.

What are the alternatives to a wicker cat bed?

For a closed wicker cat bed, a cat cave is a good choice. It is suitable for anxious cats that like to retreat. Unlike the wicker cat bed, cat caves do not have a mesh door to close. Another alternative is the cat couch. Especially older cats use the cat couch by the heater. The warm sheep place also provides an elevated vantage point. Outdoors, a cat house is an alternative. The sturdy construction defies wind and weather and is a safe shelter at all times.

Instead of buying an open wicker cat bed you can use a padded cat pillow. The cat pillow is placed directly on the floor. Another open cuddle spot is a cat bed, but it is usually not well accepted by cats. It is often not very sturdy and less well padded than a cat cave or wicker cat bed. Cats feel less secure in a cat bed.