Does my cat need a cat bed?

Pets need their own place to rest and sleep, away from the human bed. Like a dog’s basket, the cat bed is a safe retreat for the cat, promising both security and protection. It is part of the initial equipment when a cat moves in, because unlike a dog, a cat chooses its own sleeping place. If the cat lies in the cat bed, family members should not disturb it.

Does my cat need a cat bed?
Cat beds have an insulating effect against floor cold. There are different variations. As a rule, a cat mattress simply lies on the floor. The offer goes over roofed cat beds, some of which have the shape of a tent-shaped teepee. The classic among cat beds is the woven cat basket made of willow.

What is a cat bed?

Cat beds provide a warm and soft place to sleep. Either with a raised edge, as a flat mattress or as a cat pillow, cat beds are well padded. They act insulating against floor cold or have for cats with joint problems an ergonomic equipment with memory foam, which regulates the pressure. Cat beds come in round, oval and square shapes. A simple inexpensive cat bed is available from 10-15 bucks. Higher quality cat beds cost around $60, an orthopedic cat bed between $60 and $100.

What cat beds are there?

Cat beds are available for hanging and for standing. A cat mattress usually rests on the floor. Softly padded or covered with plush, it keeps the cold out well. A cold-insulating thermal layer may be integrated into the bottom, and anti-slip studs ensure that the cat bed stays in place. The entrance to the cat bed is kept flat. The cat can watch what is happening in the crib through the entrance. The raised edge accommodates the cat’s need to hide or curl up. A donut cat bed has the shape of a donut. The shape is round with a lowered center where the cat can get comfortable. Due to the wide edge, the cat lies in this cat bed fluffy as in a nest. A donut cat bed can be half covered. Cat beds as cat loungers are placed like a hammock or attached to the cat tree. Other cat beds can be hung on the heater to keep the cat warm in the winter. Cat beds are not as thickly padded as cat beds and are not covered with plush, but with textile fabric. The fabric should be of high quality in any case, because the cat may sharpen its claws on it from time to time. If the padding is made of memory foam, the cat bed adapts to the shape of the cat’s body and protects the joints. Cat beds with memory or viscose foam are called orthopedic cat beds. Covered cat beds are in the form of a tent-shaped cat tipi, cat cave or scratching post. The classic cat bed is the woven cat basket made of willow, water hyacinth or banana leaves.

Buy a cat bed – what to look for?

In addition to the type of cat bed, the size is also crucial. Pet experts recommend a diameter of 40 cm for normal cats. A cat bed for larger cats must have a diameter of 55 cm or more. It is advantageous if the outer sides are tear-resistant. For this purpose, a cat bed tear-resistant nylon or strong woven fabric are used. The insides should be covered with soft fabric or cuddly plush. Cushions made of microfiber or plush are particularly cuddly and can be easily cleaned in the washing machine. As a filling for the cat bed are suitable fleece, absorbent cotton or foam. The latter retains its shape for a long time.

Which cat bed to buy?

This depends on the preferences of the cat. If the cat often makes himself comfortable in bed or on the sofa, he will be pleased with a cat bed made of plush, because it is nice to cuddle in it. Cats that prefer to hide to sleep prefer a covered cat bed such as a scratching post, cat cave or teepee. You can also set up a cat house, which is a retreat on the balcony or in the garden. A removable roof is practical here. If the cat likes to lie on the window sill in the sun, a cat cushion or a cat blanket can make the preferred place to lie more comfortable. If it rather looks for the warmth of the heating, then decide for a couch trough, which is hung on the radiator. If you are looking for the unusual, you can find a cat chair in the lounge style of the 1970s with a cozy lying surface as a cat bed, a cat lounger made of banana leaves or a roughly knitted cat basket. A bestseller are the foldable cat cave made of artificial flitz for shelves and a large cat cave for several cats or large cats and a cat cave for wall mounting. The cat tepee is considered an eye-catcher. In addition, you will find warming cat beds cozy with heating function, which multiply the cuddle factor. There are no limits to the variety of ideas for cat beds.

Setting up a cat bed

From the cat bed, the cat should have an overview of the room to follow what is going on. The cat bed should be placed away from walking paths in a quiet place, in the corner of the room or in a room that is not used much. It should not be in the blazing sun or exposed to drafts. An elevated position not only gives the cat the best view, but ensures that not everyone can get to the cat bed right away.

Cleaning the cat bed

Often the posters of a cat bed are washable and suitable for cleaning in the washing machine at a temperature of 30º Celsius. Removable covers are practical. When washing, do not use strongly perfumed detergents and fabric softeners. Hair can be removed with a vacuum cleaner or a brush.

How big should a cat bed be?

The cat must be able to stretch out in it. Large cat breeds therefore need a larger cat bed than small cat breeds. A large cat bed can also be used for two small cats. 2-in-1 cat beds have a roll-out lying surface on which the cat can stretch out for a long time. At the same time, the roll-out lying surface protects the cushions.

Lure cat into cat bed

Cats are curious. They eye a new object in the apartment but first suspiciously. If the velvet paw makes a big bow around the cat bed, you can place the favorite toy or catnip on the new cat bed. In some cases, it also simply takes some time until the cat gets used to the cat bed. If the cat bed smells favorably of chemicals, you should wash it and let it air out, because cat noses are sensitive to foreign odors.