Train cat with a laser pointer

Cats are hunters. Apartment cats can only satisfy this urge by playing with cat toys, cat fishing rods or small balls. A relatively new game is hunting for the light spot of a laser pointer. The laser pointer for cats is similar to the laser pointing wand used in schools and in lectures for wall projections.

The laser pointer thereby emits a red point of light, with which the corresponding place on the projection can be marked. Meanwhile, laser pointers are also available in other colors. Because the laser pointer was not originally developed as a cat toy, its use is not entirely harmless. Laser pointers that are available in specialized shops for animals are considered harmless. Nevertheless, the light should not be directed at the eyes of animals or humans. Laser pointers for cats can also be equipped with LEDs instead of a laser.

Why do cats chase the point of light?

The point of light is mobile. It dances around wildly and never seems to stand still. This arouses the hunting instinct in cats to grab the point of light. However, there are also cats who lose interest in the cat toy after a short time, because there is simply no sense of achievement for the cat. There is a lack of smells and sounds that make the hunt for cats. There is also never any prey, which is a frustrating experience for cats. Sneaking up and ambushing are completely absent, and killing the prey does not happen either. Playing with the laser pointer only challenges the sense of sight. Therefore, playing with the laser pointer should only last a short period of time before frustration sets in for the cat. Give the cat a treat at the end of the wild hunt so that it has a sense of achievement or direct the light pointer at the end to a cat toy that the cat can hunt down. If the cat has no hunting success, it may continue to search the ground for the light spot.

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Advantages Laser Pointer Cat

Playful cats will find the light point a lot of fun. Start the game just above the ground so the cat is not looking into the laser pointer instead of at the light dot. Once the cat has the light dot fixed, then start moving the laser pointer. The movement relieves cats of boredom and obese cats can lose weight as a result. Humans also get moving. Some laser pointers cat are combination devices with flashlight or UV function. This allows you to detect any uncleanliness of the cat or even check bills for authenticity. Some devices can be charged via USB. This saves on batteries. Some laser pointers do not produce a point of light, but a virtual figure or pattern. This allows the cat to chase a mouse made of light.

Disadvantages Laser Pointer

Some laser pointers produce a beam of light randomly. Purchase is discouraged because it is unpredictable where the light spot will occur. Laser pointers with a green light spot are not suitable for cats, because cats’ eyes perceive the color green even more intensely than red. With an automatic laser pointer, the movement of the light spot is automatic. The danger that the cat looks into the light spot is particularly high here, because it is left to itself in the game. If you do not have time to play with the laser pointer, you should not buy one. Lasers with push buttons require continuous pressing. Laser pointers with switches take the pressure off your fingers.

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Using laser pointers properly

Even humans should not look into the focused light of a laser pointer. The light is even more harmful to a cat’s eyes. If used incorrectly, the light from a laser pointer can damage a cat’s eyes. Cats perceive the light spot much brighter due to a reflective layer behind the retina. On a reflective surface, the laser pointer can therefore damage the cat’s vision to the point of blindness. Therefore, never shine the laser pointer in the cat’s face or on a reflective surface.

Buy Laser Pointer Cat

Laser pointers are classified by different letters. The sale of laser pointers of checkout 3R to 4 is prohibited in Germany. The most powerful laser pointer available for purchase in Germany is class 3, and should never be used on cats. In class 2, the light is slightly weaker and is considered safe for human eyes. Since cats have more sensitive eyes than humans, class 1 is recommended. For cats, use Class 1 laser pointers without letters following them. These are considered suitable. Laser pointers with a letter following the number optically modify the light through special lenses. They are not suitable for cats. Warnings on laser pointers always refer to the human eye, not cat eyes.

Laser Pointer Cat Alternative

Most cats also reign in the cone of light from a flashlight that is moved across the ground much like a laser pointer. The hunting instinct can also be trained or satisfied with a cat fishing rod, moving furry mice, or balls.

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