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Cats safety
Not only for domestic cats, you should think about the issue of cat safety. Whether in the apartment or in the field: Dangers are waiting for the beloved cat, which can all be minimized by preventive measures.

Buy cat flap

A cat flap allows you and your cat more freedom. You no longer have to wait until the cat comes home, but the cat itself can choose the time when it wants to get out and in. Cat flaps are available from the simple model in different sizes to the cat flap with chip recognition or cat flap isolated.

Important purchase criteria are the size from S to XL, the installation option, the closure and possible additional functions, ranging from a timer to control via an app, a sensor or a microchip. The closure of a cat flap must be adjustable so that it cannot be opened from the inside or outside when you are on vacation. In addition, this allows the cat to be denied free access during certain times.

In which material should the cat flap be installed? The most common materials are plastic for the frame and flap door, wood and metal. If you want to install a cat flap in glass, you need a glazier. If you have a cat flap installed, you can expect to pay from $100 to $300. Cat flaps with air draft protection and wind stopper system insulate best. Tenants may install the cat flap only with the permission of their landlord. When moving out, the original condition must be restored.

Is there a best cat flap? There are many “best cat flaps”. However, it is important that the cat flap fits the particular needs. Where should the cat flap be installed? Do I need a cat flap with a seal? Does the cat have a chip? How big is the cat? According to these criteria, you should choose the best cat flap.

The cat net on the balcony

Cat net for the balcony
The free-living cat enjoys its stray life. For apartment cats already the stay on the balcony is a real adventure. So that the cat is really safe on the balcony, a cat net can be helpful.

With a cat net, apartment cats can enjoy fresh air on the secured balcony and gain new sensory impressions, because an unsecured balcony poses the risk of falling for the cat in the event of an ill-considered movement on the balcony parapet or if the cat wants to chase a bird. A transparent cat net or olive is one of the least visible cat nets. Olive is especially recommended when the view from the balcony goes into the greenery. A cat net reinforced with wire is considered particularly bite-resistant and durable.

How do I fix the cat net on the balcony? Normally, the cat net is braced with cable ties on the balcony parapet. So that no gap remains under the balcony lattice, leave some meshes overhanging on the ground, through which you finally thread a wooden rod. With an open to the top

Balcony you need an over-climbing protection. The attachment is made for a cat net without drilling with telescopic rods.
Almost all cat nets come with accessories for attachment. Not too big and not too small is a mesh size of 3×3 cm.

Which is the best cat protection net? A cat protection net should be sturdy and easy to install. A fastening rope, hooks and dowels for attachment should be included. Cat protection nets are available up to the size of 10 x 3 meters or as meter goods for individual dimensions. Measure your balcony beforehand so that the cat guard is not chosen too small. For cats that like to bite, we recommend nylon netting reinforced with wire. If the net is not tightly stretched, cats will lose the desire to climb on the cat protection net after a short time. Also make sure it is UV and weather resistant.

Buying the right cat transport box

Buy the right cat carrier box
To transport a cat in the car, you need a sturdy transport box, which is fixed in the vehicle. The transport box should not be too small. It is much more difficult to lure the cat into the transport box. Here helps only the timely habituation to the box.

Many cats panic at the sight of a cat transport box, because the transport in the box is hated by cats. But a transport is unavoidable in many cases, whether a visit to the vet is pending or the trip to the vacation. More stress-free becomes the walk in the transport box for the cat, if you are accustomed early to the box and this is integrated into the everyday cat life. With the appropriate cat box you can facilitate the handling. What kind of cat transport box you ultimately buy is a matter of personal taste. Make sure that the cat can stand, sit and lie upright in the transport box and does not feel cramped. Most often, manufacturers specify the maximum weight that can be transported. With a soft pad, the cat can make itself comfortable in the box. For this purpose, an old towel or a changing pad are suitable, which also absorb the urine.

Transport boxes that open sideways or upward make it easier to take out. Best cat transport boxes differ in boxes made of plastic and textile material and wicker. Plastic boxes are particularly suitable for transport in the car well, because these can be attached with the seat belt. When loaded, the material does not buckle as with a textile transport box. A utensil compartment, a petting flap or a water dispenser and a drainage groove for urine can be integrated. Textile cat boxes can also be used as a cat den. They can be carried by a strap over the shoulder or by a handle and are foldable if needed. The cover of the transport box is reinforced with metal braces for more stability. Mesh inserts provide ventilation. Textile transport bags cat are available as tote bags, shoulder bags and backpack. For transport by bicycle there is a bicycle basket with mesh hood also a cat cave with mesh door made of wicker basket is suitable as a transport box. A cat transport box is already available for under $20 to around $70 for a higher quality version.

GPS cat collar or cat collar with address?

GPS cat collar or cat collar with address?
A collar with the address is a good idea in any case. If the cat is found, you as the owner can be contacted so quickly. But if the cat is not found? With a GPS tracker you can locate your cat at any time and also find it if necessary.

With a GPS collar for the cat you can see on the smartphone or PC and a corresponding app at any time where your velvet paw is, without the cat is chipped. Because after activating the tracker, the position of the cat is recorded by GPS and transmitted to the downloaded app. Unlike trackers with Bluetooth, there are no limits to the range of GPS. The smaller the cat, the smaller the tracker should be. In the trade, you can find mainly trackers that are attached to the collar of the cat. However, this also increases the risk that the cat with the tracker on the collar somewhere gets stuck and hurt.
If you want your cat to be returned when you run away, you can also use a cat collar with address as an alternative to the GPS cat collar. Either you have the name of the animal and your contact details engraved in a metal plate or the note with the address is in a small tag. Here also increases the risk that the cat gets stuck somewhere. Better is a leather strip on the collar, which can be inscribed on the back. Some manufacturers embroider the cat collar with the necessary data. Reflective collars, which increase the visibility of the cat in the dark, are advantageous.