Clicker training cat

Just as for other pets, clicker training is also suitable for cats, male cats and kittens. Clicker training can facilitate coexistence between humans and cats, shy cats become more trusting and desirable behaviors can be trained. This includes going into the unloved transport box. Clicker training is definitely an alternative to constant admonitions and nasty … Read more

Match cats

Cats do not like to be alone. If you are working all day, then a second cat can be purchased as a companion to play with and cuddle with so that your cat is busy and has company.. Cats that are bored get into a bunch of mischief and often trash the apartment. A second … Read more

Educate cats

Can cats be trained exactly like a dog? The answer is rather no, because cats are by nature more independent and not marked to want to please a human. With dogs, it’s different. They want to subordinate and serve a human. Dogs can remember several commands and behave accordingly. Cats can do the same. But … Read more