Cat died

The good news first: cats have a long life expectancy of 12 to 14 years, sometimes even 15 to 20 years. So the velvet paws accompany you a long time of your life. However, as for all earthly life, the time comes for cats to die. Healthy old cats instinctively sense this, seek more rest, … Read more

Removing cat urine

There is nothing more unpleasant for cat owners than when the cat is unclean and pees everywhere. Not only that the cat urine smells mean. No, also the removal of the mishap from carpets and from the bed is more time-consuming than thought. Why does the cat not pee in the litter box? Does the … Read more

Keep cat at home

You would like to keep a cat, but you do not know how to do it? You are a beginner in cat keeping and have never owned a cat or a dog before and you would like to do everything right so that the cat feels comfortable with you? Then here is a guide to … Read more

Understand cat language

The cat hisses When cats hiss, cat owners are often confused. What is my cat trying to tell me by hissing? Contrary to the popular belief that hissing in cats shows aggressiveness, cats actually only hiss when they feel cornered. The hissing is a warning signal in cats. They want to scare off their opponent. … Read more

What to do if the cat does not come home?

When a free-roaming cat doesn’t come home for longer than usual, cat owners get worried. Has something happened to my cat? Because life as an outdoor cat is dangerous. Cats can be hit or run over. They can be locked up somewhere unnoticed and fearful cats hide at unfamiliar noises and do not dare to … Read more

Male and female cat?

Those who want to get a cat are often not sure whether to get a cat or a male. Besides the biological differences, are there other differences that a cat owner-to-be can use as a guide? Differences of male and female cats in character Unneutered males are generally considered to be robust and they often … Read more

Should I get a cat?

If you don’t live on a farm, you should think twice about getting a cat. Cats are among the most demanding pets. Although cat owners do not have to walk the cat every day as with a dog. Nevertheless, you need a lot of time to devote to the velvet paw, to feed and care … Read more

Allergic cats

If the nose runs, the eyes water or the skin itches when a cat is around, then not so unusual a cat allergy is responsible for it. How you can still keep a cat, you can learn here. What is a cat allergy? The saliva, blood serum and urine of a cat contain allergens that … Read more

How long do cats grow?

Kittens are cute to look at as cuddly bundles of fur without question. But they usually do not stay too small for long. From birth to the age of seven months, a kitten develops into an adult cat. The development is thereby divided into individual phases. The first week of life after birth Shortly after … Read more

How to move successfully with cat

All velvet paws love their home, including with the smells and favorite places. That is why a move means pure stress for the cat. Especially since cats hate to be transported from one place to another locked up in a transport box. Even going to the vet in a transport box requires a lot of … Read more