What to do if the cat does not come home?

When a free-roaming cat doesn’t come home for longer than usual, cat owners get worried. Has something happened to my cat? Because life as an outdoor cat is dangerous. Cats can be hit or run over. They can be locked up somewhere unnoticed and fearful cats hide at unfamiliar noises and do not dare to … Read more

Should I get a cat?

If you don’t live on a farm, you should think twice about getting a cat. Cats are among the most demanding pets. Although cat owners do not have to walk the cat every day as with a dog. Nevertheless, you need a lot of time to devote to the velvet paw, to feed and care … Read more

How to move successfully with cat

All velvet paws love their home, including with the smells and favorite places. That is why a move means pure stress for the cat. Especially since cats hate to be transported from one place to another locked up in a transport box. Even going to the vet in a transport box requires a lot of … Read more

Understanding old cats

Cats reach an average age of 15 years. Some get even older, others die earlier. How old a cat really becomes depends on genes and lifestyle. For example, improper diet or malnutrition and typical cat diseases can reduce the lifespan. Likewise, signs of aging can be slowed down by a healthy lifestyle and the supplementation … Read more

How long do cats sleep during the day?

Cats have a greater need for sleep than humans. Adult cats sleep up to 14 to 16 hours a day, seniors up to 18 hours. But not all sleep is the same. It is divided into individual sleep phases. How long do cats sleep? The cat needs deep sleep for regeneration. They process experiences of … Read more