How long do cats sleep during the day?

Cats have a greater need for sleep than humans. Adult cats sleep up to 14 to 16 hours a day, seniors up to 18 hours. But not all sleep is the same. It is divided into individual sleep phases.

How long do cats sleep?

The cat needs deep sleep for regeneration. They process experiences of the day and all body functions are in stand-by mode. In this sleep phase, cats spend about four hours of their total sleep time per day. They are totally relaxed and lie on their side or back. If you speak to your cat in deep sleep, it will take several minutes for it to respond. Into the deep sleep phase the cat sinks only if it feels completely safe. Cats wake slowly from deep sleep. They stretch and stretch, and then devote themselves intensively to grooming.

The cat spends the rest of its sleep time in light sleep or dozing. These sleep periods last no more than 30 minutes. During light sleep or dozing, the cat places itself in a comfortable place. It pushes its paws under its body, and its head is raised. The cat is ready to extend its claws and take flight at any time. The muscles are slightly tense, the ears are erect, and the cat responds to address. Its eyes are half or completely closed.

Kittens have a greater need for sleep than adult cats. They sleep about 20 hours a day and process previous experiences during that time. Physical development also consumes a lot of energy. Kittens spend their sleeping time in deep sleep and resting phases, during which they are aware of the sounds in the environment. Curious kittens interrupt their light sleep to get to the bottom of what is causing the sounds.

Cat sleeps a lot

As nocturnal animals, cats sleep during the day. They distribute the need for sleep into several resting phases throughout the day. A dream phase in deep sleep lasts about 7 minutes. After that, the cat falls into a lighter sleep. Pure indoor cats adapt their daily rhythm to humans over time and sleep when humans are at work. On weekends, it then appears that the cat sleeps too much. If, on the other hand, cats sleep out of boredom, you should spend more time with the cat. Especially active cats are for extensive cuddling, the occupation with cat toys and clicker training ensure that the cat sleeps less.

Sleep requirement cat winter vs. summer

In winter, cats sleep more than in summer. This is partly because of the cold temperatures and partly because of the early darkness. The normal sleeping time of cats in winter can be up to 20 hours. If cats curl up in their sleep, they can better store heat. However, a curled-up body position can also mean that the cat does not feel safe.

Cat sleeps a lot and stops eating

In this case, a serious disease may be behind it. Especially if cats no longer drink, appear listless and listless and exhibit diarrhea. Then visit a veterinarian best for an all-around check.

Where do cats prefer to sleep?

Cats like to sleep in a place where they will not be disturbed, but still hear everything. Busy rooms and passage rooms are a horror to cats. The sleeping place should not be directly in the sun, safe from drafts and soaking. Cats with short fur prefer soft and cuddly sleeping places. On cold days, cats are very warm and love to snuggle in. Favorite places then can be a cat pillow, a cat cave or a thermal blanket. On warm days, cats like to make themselves comfortable on a cool surface. For a short rest, cool floor coverings are then also selected, because cats actually prefer elevated resting places such as the cat cave on the scratching tree, a basket on a cabinet or even the recess on the heater. Outdoor cats love a protected sleeping place in the arbor. A cardboard box equipped with soft blankets is best suited as a sleeping place. Can I take the cat to my bed? Cats like to cuddle and will want to share the bed with their human. Once you have allowed this, you will find it difficult to break the cat’s habit. From the hygienic point of view there is nothing against it, if the cat is not sick or has parasites. Because of the cat hair, you will have to re-cover the beds more often.

Can I wake up my cat?

Cats should not be awakened without good reason. Lack of sleep can cause stress, irritability, and metabolic problems in cats.

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