Male and female cat?

Those who want to get a cat are often not sure whether to get a cat or a male. Besides the biological differences, are there other differences that a cat owner-to-be can use as a guide?

Differences of male and female cats in character

Unneutered males are generally considered to be robust and they often exhibit aloof behavior. They tend to roam for days and especially unneutered males mark their territory with penetrating smelling urine. If a female in heat is nearby, they engage in aggressive fights with other males. When interacting with humans, male cats tolerate some rough handling better than female cats, especially from children. Male cats are easily motivated with food and therefore tend to become overweight more quickly. Unlike males, females see their mission in life as hunting to feed their children. The child education cope female cats alone and in the group with other cats together, if these are tolerated. Female cats are considered less aggressive than males. On the other hand, they are very headstrong and resentful. In the play behavior with cat toys they are oriented to the hunt. Female cats always remain more independent from humans than males. Defiance female free-rangers do not really move far from their home.

Behavior after castration

Neutering changes the behavior of male and female cats in many ways. In general, both male and female neutered animals become more peaceful and social. Male cats stray less and mark their territory no longer or not as often compared to before. Territory fights with other males are eliminated. Female cats bond more with humans and show less aggressive behavior. They become calmer and the bond with the human becomes more intense by male and female cats after neutering.

The coexistence of several cats

If you want to get more than one cat: It is quite possible for cats of different sexes to live together peacefully if they are neutered. However, experience shows that same-sex groups live together better and more harmoniously. Siblings from the same litter live together most peacefully. These exhibit a special social bond. It is certain that the hierarchy must be fought out in any case. Also in the game there are different views in the cat group with different sexes. Female cats quickly feel annoyed by male cats, which leads to stress reactions among themselves, because male cats like to sneak up on the cat when the cat wants to have its peace. Male and female cats have different views of the game and also around the food there are again and again scuffles.

Important criteria for living with a cat

Whether you choose a male or a female cat, that is up to you. Important for living together are mutual affection and sympathy between cat and human. If a cat has already had positive experiences with humans, it will be more likely to get involved with a new human than a cat that has already had bad experiences. Likewise, the personality of a male cat already has an influence on the personality of the kittens and female cats can train the kittens both a confident or a fearful behavior in the first weeks of life. Therefore, there are also fearful males and self-confident females, exactly contrary to the prevailing opinion.

Selection by appearance

Males are larger and heavier than females. Those who prefer a robust appearance are better off with a male. Petite female cats are better suited as apartment cats than males. Last but not least, males eat more than females due to their size, which can affect the monthly cat food bill.

Selection by cat breeds

Also consider the characteristics of the cat breed you have chosen. Do they fit your life? Persian cats like to cuddle. Long petting and playing sessions are appreciated by the Singapura or Ocicat breed cats. A playful cat with quick perception is the Bengal cat and freedom-loving cats, which should not be kept as apartment cats under any circumstances, are cats of the Korat or Snowshoe breed. Cats with a lot of temperament need a lot of exercise in the apartment and suitable climbing and hiding places. Calm and reserved cats and divas among cats do not feel comfortable lively households with small children.


Male and female cats need time, space and care. But a cat, unlike a dog, remains an independent and stubborn pet that does not need to please man. It will live for 12 years and more. This is how long you are responsible for the cat, for its food, litter box and coat care. Young cats require more time than already resocialized older cats.

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