Understanding old cats

Cats reach an average age of 15 years. Some get even older, others die earlier. How old a cat really becomes depends on genes and lifestyle. For example, improper diet or malnutrition and typical cat diseases can reduce the lifespan. Likewise, signs of aging can be slowed down by a healthy lifestyle and the supplementation … Read more

Keeping an apartment cat

A cat does not necessarily have to live as an outdoor cat. There are cats that are perfectly suitable as an apartment cat. Especially pedigree cats adapt well maintenance in the apartment. Then cats should not live alone, however, but be socialized with a second cat. Once the cat has enjoyed life as a free … Read more

Cat meows at night

While people sleep at night, cats as nocturnal animals can be particularly lively at night. There are cats that sleep or snooze at night and cats that restlessly tramp through the apartment at night and are, so to speak, on a nightly prowl. While cats also communicate with each other by means of body language … Read more

Found cat – what to do?

Cats, as free roamers, can travel many miles away from their homes in search of food or while roaming around. Many cats even have set routes that they walk. They like to explore strange houses when doors or windows are open. However, this is why not every cat is homeless that looks at you with … Read more

Say goodbye to the cat

Saying goodbye to the beloved cat forever is a difficult step. Especially when the cat is to be euthanized due to a serious illness, saying goodbye is often the last resort. Find the right time A decision must always be made in the best interest of the cat. Feelings of the owner play only a … Read more

Do cats need to drink?

Yes, cats need to drink, even if they are fed mostly wet food. A cat needs about 50 to 70 ml of fluid per kg of body weight per day to stay healthy. In many cases, the liquid is taken in with the food. Nevertheless, additional water dispensers should always be available for the cat. … Read more

How long do cats sleep during the day?

Cats have a greater need for sleep than humans. Adult cats sleep up to 14 to 16 hours a day, seniors up to 18 hours. But not all sleep is the same. It is divided into individual sleep phases. How long do cats sleep? The cat needs deep sleep for regeneration. They process experiences of … Read more

When cats mourn

Just like humans, cats can grieve. When a human leaves their environment, when an animal roommate dies, when there is a change of owner, or even after a move that affects the mental well-being of the cat, cats can grieve because they have lost an important social partner or safety and security. The mourning can … Read more

Bath cats

Cats are very clean animals. They clean their fur for hours with their tongue. This has a rough structure, so that cats, dirt, loose hairs or parasites simply lick out of their fur. Hair is also swallowed in the process, which balls up in the stomach as a fur ball. The cat must choke this … Read more

Gray cats – lovable and unique

Gray cats are considered curious. They like to play for their lives and quickly get involved in a game, but this can also take an aggressive course. Gray cats like to strut through their territory and prefer the open air to a pure attitude as an apartment cat. The gray coat color radiates calmness and … Read more