Gray cats – lovable and unique

Gray cats are considered curious. They like to play for their lives and quickly get involved in a game, but this can also take an aggressive course. Gray cats like to strut through their territory and prefer the open air to a pure attitude as an apartment cat. The gray coat color radiates calmness and elegance.

What breed cats are gray?

The color gray shows in cats in all its beauty. The coat can be silver, blue-gray or slate. With its shimmering luster, it attracts all eyes. Hardly any cats have a solid color coat or the coat is patterned in itself. Solid gray cats belong to breed of Russian Blue, Korat, Carthusian (Chartreux) or Nebelung. Cats that do not have an exclusively gray coat are Persian, Devon Rex, Norwegian Forest Cat, British Shorthair, Blue Angora, Abyssinian Cat or American Shorthair. Domestic cats without a pedigree may also have a gray coat coloration.

Portraits gray cats

  • The American Shorthair comes in different colors and patterns and of course in gray. This cat breed is related to the British Shorthair and has an independent and playful character. It is suitable for people who have little time.
  • Plush dark gray fur distinguishes a British Shorthair cat, which comes in many different colors. It has golden to orange eyes. In character, British Shorthair cats are adaptable and independent, coupled with a calm disposition. A British Shorthair in the right mood likes to be petted and is discarded of cuddles. This cat breed can be kept as an indoor cat and outdoor.
  • The Carthusian, Maltese or Chartreux cat has a blue-gray coat and striking gold, copper or orange cat eyes. It can be kept as an out of house cat or outdoor cat if it can then have a proper romp in the room. Carthusian cats quickly become at home when moved and are considered peace-loving. They love extensive petting.
  • Gray medium-length, plush fur characterizes the elegant cat breed of Nebelung. Their fur is blue-gray with silver hair tips, which blur the exact contours of the cat’s body. The cat breed was named after the Nibelungen Brunhilde and Siegfried and the word “Nebel”. The Nebelung likes to cuddle and forms a close relationship with its human. The character is calm and balanced. Therefore, the Nebelung is also suitable for families with small children and elderly people.
  • The Russian Blue cat is considered playful and affectionate. It builds a close bond with its human and reacts very sensitively. The Russian Blue is the only cat in the world that has an undercoat with hair as long as the top coat. She hardly loses any hair. Its coat is dense and stands out slightly. The blue-gray to dark gray coat color contrasts with her emerald green eyes.
  • An unusual gray cat is the Scottish Fold or also Scottish fold-eared cat. It is characterized by its ears lying close to the head. The coat coloration is similar to the British Shorthair. The Scottish Fold can be solid, mackerel or spotted.

As you can see, there are gray cats with the most different traits and with short or long fur. Except for their coat color, gray cat breeds do not have much in common. Gray cats are fed typical for the breed and have different needs for exercise and activities.

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