What cats do not like

Cats have extremely fine noses, because they have many times more olfactory cells than humans. That is why there are many smells that cats do not like, even scare them away.

Cats and scents

Cats do not like scented candles, room scents or incense sticks. Especially the scents musk, lemon or cinnamon are a horror for cats, because their olfactory cells perceive the scent a thousand times stronger than human noses. Tea tree oil, eucalyptus and menthol are also among the unloved scents. Perfume scent of roses find cats just as disgusting as patchouli or violets. They trigger discomfort in cats. In the garden, cats avoid lavender and plants that smell like citrus. The acrid odor of household cleaners also distresses cats. Therefore, you should always use a household cleaner with mild or no scent. Cigarette smoke also causes great discomfort to cats. Not only can secondhand smoke cause cancer in cats: The smoke really disturbs cats. In the kitchen, vinegar, lemon, coffee grounds and cilantro are among the most hated smells. Cats do not like garlic and onions either as a bulb or as exhalations on their caregiver after eating garlic.

Keep cats away from indoor plants

Spray the soil of the houseplant where the cat does its business with mint or lavender oil. The cat will desist from the houseplant. Also bark mulch, stones or shells on the soil will deter the cat.

Buy a litter box with fragrance?

Just not that! Neither scented cat litter nor deodorant are readily accepted by cats. The cat would rather be unclean before using a scented litter box. Better clean the litter box more often so that it does not smell, because cats like cleanliness.

Home appliances and cats

One of the most hated household objects for cats is the hair dryer. It makes very loud noises for human hearing, just like the vacuum cleaner, the blender or the coffee machine. Cats hear even better. For them, the sounds are even louder. In addition, most cats do not like wind. The air stream from the hair dryer is also hot. A no-go for cats. Cats want attention. That’s why smartphones and laptops are a hindrance when they want petting. Loud noises from the doorbell or alarm clock frighten cats. Frightened cats that can’t locate the sound get really scared by these noises. With younger cats, it may be possible to get them used to the noise.

What else do cats dislike?

Do not tear your cat from sleep. This negatively affects the mood of the cat. Cats are not dogs. They do not want to be petted all the time. They decide for themselves when they want attention. Then nudge their human with their nose to demand petting. Cats hate changes in their routine, changes in their environment. Traveling is a horror to them, because it requires them to be put in a transport box, which restricts their desire for freedom. Cats do not like to travel by car and they do not like locked doors that lock them out.

What do cats not like in the garden?

  • Peppermint
  • Fragrant geraniums
  • Cranesbill
  • Ground cover on flower beds
  • Vine rue
  • Lavender
  • Curry herb
  • dense hedges

Similarly, cats can not stand woody plants and shrubs with thorns (holly, barberry, hawthorn, tendrils of blackberries).

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