How long do cats sleep during the day?

Cats have a greater need for sleep than humans. Adult cats sleep up to 14 to 16 hours a day, seniors up to 18 hours. But not all sleep is the same. It is divided into individual sleep phases. How long do cats sleep? The cat needs deep sleep for regeneration. They process experiences of … Read more

When cats mourn

Just like humans, cats can grieve. When a human leaves their environment, when an animal roommate dies, when there is a change of owner, or even after a move that affects the mental well-being of the cat, cats can grieve because they have lost an important social partner or safety and security. The mourning can … Read more

Poisonous plants for cats

If a cat moves in with you, it is not only necessary to purchase suitable equipment for the cat such as cat food, cat toys, a litter box, a sleeping basket and a scratching post. No, you need to make your entire home suitable for cats. This starts with securing open and tilted windows and … Read more

Bath cats

Cats are very clean animals. They clean their fur for hours with their tongue. This has a rough structure, so that cats, dirt, loose hairs or parasites simply lick out of their fur. Hair is also swallowed in the process, which balls up in the stomach as a fur ball. The cat must choke this … Read more

Gray cats – lovable and unique

Gray cats are considered curious. They like to play for their lives and quickly get involved in a game, but this can also take an aggressive course. Gray cats like to strut through their territory and prefer the open air to a pure attitude as an apartment cat. The gray coat color radiates calmness and … Read more

How old is my cat in human years?

With dogs it is well known: One dog year is seven human years. But what about cats? Convert cat years to human years Cats age much faster than humans. This is understandable, because cats usually live 12 to 18 years, some cat breeds up to 20 years. In humans, puberty has just finished and the … Read more

The ABCs of cat language

Do you always know what your cat wants to tell you? Because besides meowing, there are many signals that the cat emits to communicate with its human. By the way, the meow is reserved only for humans. Cats among themselves do not meow at each other. Only baby cats meow. Meowing can mean anything. It … Read more

What cats do not like

Cats have extremely fine noses, because they have many times more olfactory cells than humans. That is why there are many smells that cats do not like, even scare them away. Cats and scents Cats do not like scented candles, room scents or incense sticks. Especially the scents musk, lemon or cinnamon are a horror … Read more

What can cats eat?

The diet of your cat is very important. A balanced supply of proteins and nutrients through the choice of cat food is the key to a healthy cat life. Just as with us humans, a balanced diet is the key to a long and healthy life for cats. Often the question arises, what about the … Read more

My cat is throwing up

Cat vomiting can have different colors depending on the cause. It depends primarily on what the cat ate and with what coloring. Often it is not the food you gave that is being vomited. You often can’t tell exactly what the cat is missing based on the color of the vomit. However, there are some … Read more